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Sticker Stencil Bottle Bundle


Sticker Stencil 6 and Sticker Stencil 7 are available with the bonus stamp set “Corks” at a special bundle price.

These TWO SETS of fabulous new sticker stencils feature bottle shaped designs. There are 4 small bottle stencils in Set 6 and two larger bottle designs in Set 7.
Complete the look by adding a stopper from the bonus stamp set “Corks”. These stoppers fit both sets of Sticker Stencils.

Now you can create your own world within a bottle, a fairy terrarium or even stamp your own message in a bottle, the choice is yours! .

Lavinia Stamps sticker stencils can be used as the positive and negative. Repositionable, reusable and wipeable, they are great for card projects, journaling, scrapbooking and other creative projects.

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Prior to the first use of the Sticker Stencil, it is advisable to remove a little of the stickiness.

This can be achieved by peeling off the part of the stencil that is to be used and sticking it to very clean hands. Repeat this action until the stickiness has relaxed a little. When removing the stencil, peel it slowly off the paper until it is free. This process helps to limit any paper tearing on removal.

If the sticker stencil loses its tack, we suggest that the tacky side of the sticker stencil is cleaned under a slow flow of cold water. The best way to clean them is using the flat of your fingers. This should revive the glue.

Avoid using a cloth or your nails or anything that could drag the glue off the design, and then leave it to dry.

While the Sticker Stencils are re-usable, they are not ever lasting and will need replacing over time or once the tackiness has gone.