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Category: Spiritual Reading

  • Orien’s Animal Tarot


    This animal-themed card deck reflects nature through mythical and ethereal means and is rich in animal symbolism, allowing you to spiritually connect with the universe and yourself through the exquisite art of divination.

    The deck is suitable for beginners, enthusiasts and advanced tarot readers. Featuring 78 unique animal illustrations, it also makes a great gift for art enthusiasts.

  • Affirmations


    These cards are a perfect tool to remind yourself to do daily spiritual work, and can be viewed as messages from your higher self.

    They are a wonderful help for inspiration, to start your morning, or something sweet to keep on your desk to help you get through the day.

  • Language of Flowers


    The Language of Flowers contains affirmations full of delightful words of happiness to lift you up, bring you joy and add a sparkling smile to your day.

    Botanical expert and artist Cheralyn Darcey shares with you 40 beautifully illustrated mini-cards of vintage botanical art to gladden the heart and soul.

  • 2024 Astrology Diary – Northern Hemisphere


    Focus on health, wealth, and happiness with up-to-date insights into major planetary alignments and what they will mean for you, including eclipses, new moons, full moons and sun sign forecasts throughout the year.

    This Northern Hemisphere planner has astrological interpretations along with a week-at-a-glance diary, monthly sun sign forecasts, tips for excelling during eclipse seasons, when to grow ideas, when to take action, romance, health, wealth and happiness hotspots.

    It also explains dates, signs and meanings of 2024 new moons and full moons, Mercury retrogrades: how to make them work for you.

  • Whispering Woods


    Whispering Woods are a soul-inspired deck of 40 inspirations guided by the ancient wisdom of the woods and the secrets they whisper to one-another.

    Designed for the lovers of magic and the ancient world, Whispering Woods invites you to draw a card or two for daily guidance, enabling encouragement and confirmation for your questions and musings.

  • From the Heart


    The affirmation messages in From the Heart are lovingly created to open your heart space.

    Their messages will inspire you to speak from the heart and nurture your spirit.

    Use them as a guide during personal transformation to expand your soul’s awareness and self-love.

  • A Year of Flowers


    A Year of Flowers shares messages of wisdom to help you understand the energies of each day of the year as seen through the eyes of nature.

    The flowers invite you to look ahead with insight, behind with deeper understanding and face today with joy, knowing and strength.

  • Forest Fae


    Enter the forest, seek wonder and enchantment and hear the curious messages of the forest fae.

  • From Earth


    Create your own natural apothecary using readily available ingredients with the easy, step-by-step instructions and straightforward advice in From Earth.

  • Sweet Dreams


    Connect with your dreams, develop your intuition and become fully present in your waking life with these inspiring Sweet Dreams mini cards.

    Dreams offer insights into your innermost self and connect you to the realm of spirit, magic and intuition.

  • Gratitude


    This little deck is made up of 40 gratitude cards, each providing a way to experience more appreciation, joy, and kindness.

    Intuitively pull a card and allow this pock deck to shift your perspective one practice at a time.

  • The Gift of Crystals


    The Gift of Crystals is a beautiful guide to the study of these ancient and powerful stones, providing simple instructions on how to connect to their healing energies and the many ways in which they can be used to soothe and inspire on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • The Gift of Flowers


    The Gift of Flowers is a beautiful guide to the many ways to use flowers as unique and special gifts.

    With brief descriptions of their natural healing qualities, discover the secret ‘The Language of Flowers’ and learn the symbols and intuitive messages behind each flower.

  • Zodiac Moon Reading Cards


    Zodiac Moon Reading Cards is the first ever thirty-six card set depicting the sun, moon and eclipses through the zodiac signs.

    Drawing on predictive astrology, this insightful oracle card deck will help you to understand more about yourself and friends, family and loved ones.

  • Magickal Herb Oracle


    The Magickal Herb Oracle brings the precious secrets and ancient wisdoms of herbs for you to explore while immersing your soul, body and spirit in real nature magick.

    You will learn how to create powerful magick and rituals for everyday purposes.


  • Plant Spirit Medicine


    Plant spirit medicine: what is it? Our modern world is travelling at such a speed, we have become separated from the natural world, which should be sustaining us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    This book is about reconnecting with nature and the plants in our environment; it’s also about learning to listen to the plants and applying what they have to tell us to mend that disconnection. Indigenous peoples from all around the world have worked with plant spirits for thousands of years, and this is how they came to know what specific plants were used for.

  • Star Light by Jessica Le


    Take refuge in the night, map new constellations and navigate the expanding universe of you. Escape to the infinite stars with Star Light mini cards.

    This whimsical deck is the fourth set of mini inspiration cards written and illustrated by Jessica Le.

  • Crystal Rituals by the Moon


    Crystal Rituals by the Moon has been created as not only as a guide for beginners, but for seasoned crystal collectors and healers.

    This practical book offers real-life crystal and lunar rituals and healing applications that can be practiced every day.

  • The Enchanted Moon


    The ultimate book of authentic lunar ceremonies, spells, mythos and science, Enchanted Moon will transform and inspire you.

    The alchemy of lunar science will show you how moon cycles work for magic, balance, health and self-realisation and about how both ancient and modern rituals will help you get the most power from those cycles.

  • Essential Oils


    Aromatherapy is a comprehensive guide to the healing and therapeutic use of essential oils on a physical as well as psychological level.

    Drawing on 28 years of experience, Dr Ratan combines ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern aromatherapy principles in Vedic Aromatherapy, creating unique blends for holistic health and healing.

  • Mystical Journey Oracle


    This 36-card deck is designed to bring this knowledge into your conscious mind to be used as a healing guide to overcome internal and external conflict and embrace your true path.

    We all contain limitless potential for growth and enhanced well-being. Let these cards empower and inspire you on your journey so you can discover the riches of life that await you.

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    Druid Wisdom by Andres Engracia


    Druid Wisdom is a 40-card inspiration deck to awaken the nomadic wanderer inside and explore the ancient memories, forgotten spells and whispers of magic rooted in the land of folklore legends.

  • Out of stock

    Shadow Healing by Mel Brown


    Shadow Healing offers a contemporary style of Aboriginal Ancestral guidance, allowing you to attune and trust your own intuition.

    Aboriginal peoples have long used divination to gain insight to nurture their emotional and spiritual health, and these Shadow Healing cards are a creative example of how Aboriginal Ancestors and their peoples have modernised the ancient practice.

  • Secret Garden by Jessica Le


    Enchanting messages from quiet spaces.

    This set of 40 charming cards contains small signs and encouragement imbued with magic from every corner of the garden. Take refuge from daily life within the secret mazes, rose trellises, strange statues and fairy gates. As the commotions of the outside world fade away, what secrets will you uncover?

  • Wishcraft by Stacey Demarco


    Everyone needs a little wishcraft and magic in their lives.

    There are three key things to remember when doing wishcraft. The first is to be as clear as you can about your wish.

    The second thing to remember is to have fun: let go, celebrate, be creative, be in the moment!

    The third thing to remember is that you are the magic. Without you, without your unique energy in the world, the magic, the wishcraft, cannot work.

  • Moon Magick by Stacey Demarco


    More and more of us are choosing to deeply connect with the cycles of the moon. These cards enable you to connect with and tap into the magic of the lunar cycle with a wise affirmation you can integrate into your world simply and powerfully, allowing the moon to guide you just as she always has for millennia.