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Daycare by Mona Hauge

  Daycare, by Mona Hauge. Hi everyone, Mona here 🧚‍♀️ Here is a new Picture Tutorial from me called “Daycare”.  The fabulous new stamps from the” All Things Magical” collection made my imagination run wild. I love when that happens. Hope you like it. Multifarious card size A5 White.  We start with the beautiful Scout […]

Hearts by Mona Hauge

  Hearts, by Mona Hauge. Hello everyone. Another picture tutorial from me. This one is called “Hearts”. Our lovely friends Freya and Aria are exchanging Valentine’s gifts . This goes so well with the Challenge of this Month which is called “Love is All Around”   Hope you like it! 🧚‍♀️ On A5 white Multifarious […]

You have the key to my heart by Karen Campbell

  Step by Step by Karen Campbell  Hi Lavinians 🧚‍♀️ Hope you enjoy today’s tutorial named “You have the key to my heart”    Let’s get stuck in! 1. Center the outside of the heart Sticker Stencil over a 7″×7″ piece of multifarious card. With a pencil lightly trace around the heart. Approximately one inch […]

The Magical Place by Emma-Jo

  Step by Step On a piece of A6 Multifarious Card, add some Elements Inks Sundance with a Stencil Brush series 9. Apply to the centre of the card and slowly blend outwards to almost nothing.  Next using a Stencil Brush series 9 apply some Elements inks Lime Punch around 4 smaller circular shapes around […]

The soul catcher by Birgitta te Boekhorst 

  Step by Step Taking an A5 sized piece of Multifarious card, draw a horizontal line on the card with a graphite pencil that is 7 cm (or 2 and 3/4 inches) from the bottom and goes all the way across. Using Versafine Clair Nocturne ink up the bottom part of the Fantasea boat Stamp and stamp […]

Aurora by Mona Hauge

Step by Step   Hi everyone, Mona here.  A new year and many new tutorials to come! Here is a magical scene to show the colours of nature even through these darker winter months. It is called “Aurora” and I hope you like it. On A5 white Multifarious card we start by creating some of […]

Winter in Toadstool City by Mona Hauge

  Step by Step    On some A5 white Multifarious card stamp the beautiful sisters Eve LAV833 and Starr LAV841 in Versafine Clair Fallen Leaves. Cover them in masking fluid but not their wings. Now stamp the Forrest Cap Toadstool LAV736 and Forest Inn LAV735 in Versafine Clair Morning Mist. Cover the images completely with […]

The fox and the fireflies by Birgitta te Boekhorst 

Step by Step Tutorial. Hello everyone, it’s Birgitta here. Today I’m sharing with you a tutorial called “The Fox and the Fireflies. I hope you like it.  Taking an A5 sized piece Multifarious card, start by stamping the Tree Den and Tree Stem stamp and the Druid’s Inn stamp with Versafine Clair Nocturne. I didn’t stamp […]

Christmas Buddies by Elaine Langford-Pugh

Christmas Buddies First stamp Lupin on some DL Multifarious card and perch a robin from the Bird Collection and one of the Fairy Foragers using Versafine Clair Pinecone.  Add some Versafine Clair Glamorous for the breast of the bird. Stamp some mini stars under the fairy and over Lupin. Use a Wow! Embossing pen over […]