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What an amazing difference using Warm vs Cold colours makes 😍🤯

Join Amanda as she a guides you through an exploration of colour techniques. Discover the distinct emotions and styles evoked by warm and cool colours. Follow along as Amanda showcases three exquisite card designs, each infused with its own personality and charm. Get ready to unlock your creativity and embark on a journey of artistic […]

Creating a distressed background with Elements in 2 minutes!

Join Amanda in this captivating quick craft as she demonstrates the art of creating distressed backgrounds in mere minutes! Join her as she expertly navigates through various techniques, utilizing elements to produce captivating and unique effects with every stroke of ink. From subtle nuances to striking outcomes, Amanda’s insights promise to inspire and elevate your […]

Unlocking the Power of Tetradic Colours: Exploring Elements, Distress Oxides and PanPastels

Mandy’s Makes: Join Amanda in this captivating tutorial as she dives deep into the world of Tetradic colours, demonstrating innovative techniques with Elements, Distress Oxides and PanPastels to elevate your card-making projects. Discover how to harness the vibrancy and harmony of Tetradic colour schemes, as Amanda showcases three distinct card styles tailored to each medium. […]

Triadic cards by Amanda

Mandy’s Makes – Join Amanda in her tips and techniques segment as she guides us through Triadic colours and how using different mediums can create such different unique beautiful effects