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Meet The New Owners!

Meet the new Owners! Every Dream began with a wish and purchasing Plas Coch was the next step in making a dream come true! In August 2022 it was purchased by Tracey Dutton and Kevin Jones with a view to relocating their local successful crafting business, Lavinia Stamps, to larger premises.  

The minute Tracey and Kevin stepped through the door of Plas Coch the magic of the building had them under its spell. It felt welcoming, like coming home. Tracey and Kevin’s vision of what this property could be, with a little care and attention, was so exciting that they started the ball rolling.    

The existing Lavinia Stamps shop is a most unexpected space that needs to be experienced to be believed. Stepping though the doors immediately transports you into a Whimsical Wonderland.

Lavinia Stamps, the business as is, has a very inclusive Art is for All ethos. The larger premises at Plas Coch opens the doors for welcoming more people on their own creative journey.

In a prime location with its own parking, the property is full of potential and the proposed renovations will make it truly magical. The plan is that the retail space will remain a fantastical experience but magnified! Continuing with the traditional Lavinia interior décor of a cross between Narnia, Never Land and Hogwarts the retail space will be a wonderful experience. The shop will be sprinkled with pockets of whimsy throughout, giving it a feeling of being inside another fantasy world.

Welcome to  the start of a magical tale of how this Lavinia Stamps dream came true.


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