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Elisabeth Schwabe is our Design Team Guest for February

Hi everybody. I’m Elisabeth from Norway, just turned 60, and I really can’t wrap my brain around that number.
But of course, my children are almost 35, 33 and 20 years old, so it does make sense. My hubby, my youngest son and I live in a rural part of Norway, just outside Oslo, with woods and hills and wildlife.   This gives me a lot of inspiration for my painting, mostly aquarelles. I’ve done aquarelles on and off since my early twenties.   It was during April 2021 that I discovered stamping and Lavinia, and a whole new way to express myself. I love the detailed stamps and applaud the excellent artist behind them. Tracey Dutton, you rock!   My biggest dream is to make a living off what I love the most, painting and crafting, but for now, I’ll just wish for more crafting time. But please, dream BIG everybody, one day the fairies will make it come true.   I hope I will inspire some of you this month with my kinda messy style. Fairy dust all around.   Love, Elisabeth