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Make a Bauble


A Bauble is not just for Christmas…
In fact, they are perfect for almost any celebration.

And because our standard 8cm bauble has been so popular, we have introduced two new larger sizes, adding 10cm and a 15cm baubles to the range, along with the ready-printed filler acetates. (Click here to learn how to print your own acetates)

These baubles are such fun to make and can be finished in any number of ways, this way your creations will be totally unique.

How to assemble your bauble with the printed inserts.


Using a craft knife, scissors or a circle-cutter, carefully cut out the images, not forgetting to include the square tab at the top.

If you want to add colour to your image, do so on the printed side, using the inks or dyes of your choice.

Glitter, Stickles or white gel pen embellishment should be done on the opposite side and left to thoroughly dry.
Remove the top from the bauble. (The easiest way is to simply pull it straight up).

Holding the cut image with the tab at the top, loosely roll the acetate into a tube from the side, and slide it into the bauble. It will spring into position with the tab sitting in the neck of the bauble.

Swizzle the tab so that the edges of your acetate line up with the faint ridge where the two halves of the bauble were joined during manufacture.

Now add a little faux snow, glitter, stars, and the like, into the bottom of the bauble. They look great just like this, or you can let your imagination run wild with tinsel, lametta or feathers behind the image.

Replace the top, ensuring the prongs sit behind the tab.

Choose your own combination of sizes, images and fillers

Lavinia Stamps “Make a Bauble” products

We’ve made it even easier for you to order your Baubles and Inserts.

► First, order your empty Baubles here on the left, choosing either the 8cm, 10cm or 15cm size.

► Then choose from the various sets of pre-printed inserts below, taking care to order the correct sizes to fit your baubles.

► Prefer to print your own?  Click here for acetate sheets and specially produced downloads.

► Click here for Ribbons and Decorating Materials

  • 10cm Inserts

    10cm Inserts


  • 15cm Inserts

    15cm Inserts


  • 8cm Inserts

    8cm Inserts



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