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Category: Words & Verses

  • Red Leaves Stamp


    A text stamp of the phrase “Red leaves fall as silence calls. / Goodbye Autumn, hello Winter.” in a easy-to-read print.

    These whimsical lines of text are perfect for saying farewell to Autumn and welcoming Winter.

    Stamp size: 1.5cm x 8cm


  • Every Dream Stamp


    A text stamp of the phrase “Every dream begins with a wish” in a easy-to-read cursive script.

    This whimsical line of text is perfect for adding a little magic to your design.

    Stamp size: 1cm x 7cm


  • Dragon Verse Stamp


    A text stamp of a verse in easy-to-read cursive script.

    This rhyming verse is perfect for adding a subtle texture to backgrounds of dragon cards.

    Perfect with Mideela, Vorloc and Ollar stamps.

    Stamp size: 8cm x 5.5cm


  • Once Upon A Dream Stamp


    A stamp of the perfect fairytale text; Once upon a Dream.

    This text stamp is in a distressed easy to read font.

    Stamp size: 8cm x 1cm


  • Inspire Me Stamp


    A stamp set of 4 individual and inspirational words.

    Inspire / Dream / Art/ Love are all in various distressed fonts.

    These words can be stamped many times to create textured backgrounds or even on their own as the perfect finishing touch.

    Stamp size: 3-5cm x 1.5cm


  • See a Fairy Make A Wish Stamp


    A text stamp of a beautifully worded poem in a cursive font.

    Use to add texture to a background of a fairy inspired design.

    Perfect for using with the stamps Fairy Chain and Dancing Til Dawn.

    Stamp size: 9.5cm x 6cm



  • Sacred Spells Stamp


    An elaborate cursive script stamp of a verse full of magical beings and fantasy.

    The perfect addition to add magical texture to the background of a card.

    Stamp size: 9.5cm x 6.5cm


  • Spirit of Christmas Stamp


    A text stamp of a Christmas wish written over three lines in a clear type font.

    This verse stamp is perfectly suited to accompany the Christmas Eve or Christmas Night Stamps.

    Stamp size: 10cm x 2.5cm


  • Sparkle Stamp


    A word stamp in a clear, easy to read font.

    ‘Don’t let life dull your Sparkle’.

    Add to this perfect little verse with the mini stars and mini star group stamps.

    Stamp size: 10cm x 1cm


  • Deeper than the ocean Stamp


    A word stamp in a clear, easy to read font.

    This versatile motivational quote is perfect with pictures using the moon stamp or even underwater creations with Zelith and Althea the mermaid stamps, or Arlo and Flo the fish.

    Stamp size: 11cm x 2cm


  • Christmas Blessings Stamp


    A text stamp of eight Christmas words in a fun, heavy font.

    Perfect for Christmas cards, this word stamp is perfect for the background of a winter’s scene.

    An ideal stamp to use with the Christmas Eve or Mary stamps.

    Stamp size: 4cm x 9cm


  • Live the Life Stamp


    A positive phrase stamp in an easy-to-read font.

    Each word is separate and can also be arranged to read ‘Love the life you live’.

    Stamp size: 1cm x 1.5cm


  • Fairy Merry Christmas Stamp


    A Festive phrase in an easy to read decorative font.

    Add some Lavinia magic to a Christmas card with the magical phrase ‘Have a Fairy Merry Christmas’.

    Stamp size: 6.5cm x 1cm


  • Fairy Dust Is Like Love Stamp


    A text stamp on three lines in a cursive font.

    “Fairy dust is like love; it creates magic whenever you give it away”.

    Ideal for most fairy scenes.

    Stamp size: 5cm x 2cm


  • Christmas words Stamp


    A Christmas themed sentiment stamp filled with festive wording in mixed fonts.

    A fantastic way to add some festivity to your backgrounds.

    Stamp size: 9cm x 6cm


  • Spiral of spells Stamp


    A text stamp of a spiral magical spell.

    This fairy poem is laid out in a spiral pattern, with sparkling stars intertwined.

    Looks fantastic with butterflies stamped on top or adds texture to any magical background.

    Stamp size: 9cm x 9cm



  • Believe Stamp


    A larger silhouette text stamp.

    Styled in a Gothic effect font with a distressed edge this stamp looks stunning embossed.

    Stamp size: 9cm x 3.5cm


  • Fairy Wishes large Stamp


    A linear text Stamp spread over three lines with the sentiment “Fairy Wishes and Angel Kisses”. 

    A great companion stamp for any Lavinia Fairy large or small, from Fairy Foragers to Celeste.

    Stamp Size: 3.5cm x 3cm


  • Shaylee’s spell Stamp


    A text stamp of a verse in a beautifully modern calligraphic style font.

    Written over eight lines about the helpful fairy Shaylee who lifts “heavy hearts with lightness”.

    A lovely sentiment stamp by the talented Fiona Maher. The perfect finishing touch with any Lavinia Fairy like Wren or Oona.

    Stamp size: 6cm x 7cm


  • Believe In Magic Stamp


    A printed phrase stamp.

    This sentiment is presented over four lines and is in a clear easy to read font.

    Those Who Don’t Believe In Magic Will Never Find It is the perfect finishing touch to any fairy card.

    Stamp size: 2.5cm x 1.5cm


  • Secrets are Hidden Stamp


    A text stamp in a clear, easy to read font.

    The sentiment presented over three lines reads ‘Secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places.” A lovely stamp for using with the Hobbit Door Large.

    Stamp size: 6cm x 3.5cm