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Gelly Roll Flourescent Moonlight Set of 12


An unique collection of the 10 most beautifully coloured Moonlight fluorescent gel pens, 1 Clear Stardust gel pen, and 1 Basic White gel pen.

Moonlight writes well on white, but really comes to life on black paper and the fluorescents will glow under a black light source.

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This set contains one piece of each bright coloured fluorescent Moonlight gel pen in the colours; Fluorescent Yellow (403), Fluorescent Orange (405), Fluorescent Vermillion (418), Fluorescent Pink (420), Red (419), Rose (421), Purple (424), Blue (436), Green (429), Fluorescent Green (427), 1 Clear Stardust gel pen (700), and 1 Basic White gel pen (50).

The Sakura Gelly Roll contains special water-based pigment gel ink to give bright, intense colours which never fade.