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Kuretake Gansai Tambi Gem Colours


This set of luminous, pearlised watercolour paints in six gemstone shades are ideal for calligraphy, highlighting, and brush lettering.

These high-calibre Japanese watercolours are blendable with a creamy-smooth. With excellent opaqueness, the deep colours stain the paper and stand out boldly.

Ideal for professional artists and crafters alike.

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Made in Japan by Kuretake.

All Gansai Tambi colors are highly lightfast. Simply apply a wet brush to the pans to activate the colours.

Kuretake Co. Ltd was founded in Nara in 1902. For more than 100 years since it’s founding, Kuretake has consistently made products with it’s root ideas in the “warmth of writing” and “goodness of handcrafting”.

All their pens and paints are made in Japan and are suitable for both professionals and amateurs.