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Shrink Plastic Accessories


The heat-resistant Silicone Mat protects your worksurface when using the Heat Tool and materials such as Shrink Plastic.

Use the pointed tip of the heat-resistant Silicone Pressing Tool to hold Shrink Plastic die-cuts in place when applying heat. Use the pressing tip to flatten curled edges after the die-cut has been shrunk.

The Mesh Screen is designed to be used with the Silicone Mat. Place the heat-resistant, silicone-coated screen over a die-cut piece of Shrink Plastic before applying heat. The mesh allows heat to travel through to the Shrink Plastic while holding the die-cut in place, simplifying the process.

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Size (Approx) 29.85cm x 29.85cm – 22.23cm x 18.42cm

Contains: 1 Press Tool, 1 Heat Resistant Mat, 1 Mesh Screen