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Bria Rose Amongst the Lavender by Mona Hauge

Team Member: Mona Hague

I am so excited about the new stamps, they have really got my imagination running wild!

I have called this card “Bria Rose Amongst the Lavender”. I hope it inspires you to want to give it a go yourselves.

I do love seeing what you make from my tutorials.

Step by Step

Step: 1 Using an A5 piece of Multifarious card, start with the background colours first. The Elements Ink colours I used were: Violet Chalk, Della Blue, Pine, Olive, and Sundance. You can check the picture for colour placement. Keep the white space in the centre free of colour. Spray on some water and let it sit for a minute before drying.
Step: 2 Now add some Hansa Yellow Pan Pastel. This will make it glow.
Step: 3 Stamp Tree Den, Tree Stem, Bria Rose, Broomsticks, Flower Pots, and the Carriage Dwelling in Versafine Clair, Pinecone. Make the trees longer by stamping the trunk upside down to extend it at the top. You need to add a little masking fluid on the Tree Stem so that when the Carriage Dwelling is stamped, it appears to be behind the tree. Finally put masking fluid on everything you’ve stamped so far.
Step: 4 I used the Tree of Courage and Tree of Hope to create the branches and added more pots all in Versafine Clair Pinecone. Remember to put masking on any pots that you want to appear to be in front the others.
Step: 5 With a thin waterproof marker, draw the strings for the hanging pots. I used a Micron Pigma pen 0.2, Sepia.
Step: 6 Be sure that you have masking on every pot. Stamp the Lavender from the Flower Pots set. Stamp the pots mostly in the Shady Lane, Versafine Clair, and the others in Rain Forest. Now stamp the Lavender, in the Shady Lane, as shown. Do some of these in second and third time stamping to create depth.
Step: 7 Stamp the flower that our lovely fairy, Bria Rose, is sniffing to look as if it growing in some pots. To do this use a sheet of printer paper and cut a hole in it just the size of the flower Bria Rose is holding. Then you will get ink only on the flower (the stem can be drawn on after).
Step: 8 Here you can see where I planted the Flower, from the Bria Rose stamp, into pots.
Step: 9 Draw on the stems of the Bria Rose Flower. To create foliage on the branches of the trees, use one of the trees from the Tree Scene, remembering to not put ink on the tree trunk part of the stamp. Use the Versafine Clair, Shady Lane and Twilight. Now remove all the masking fluid.
Step: 10 Next, colour the pots using soft colour pencils like the Van Gogh watercolour range. Start with a medium grey-blue colour, and use various shades of green to define the ground.
Step: 11 Now choose a slightly darker shade of blue to add a little more colour to the pots. Colour the trees with several shades of brown and add some brown to the ground. The Carriage Dwelling and the broom are brown too. Sweet Bria Rose gets a touch of very dark brown on her left, shadow, side.
Step: 12 I used a soft black colour pencil to colour the rest of the flowerpots, then a soft white pencil to put highlights on them. I used a soft beige colour pencil to draw light on Bria Rose. Next, I drew blades of grass on the ground and in between the pots using 2 shades of green. Use a white Posca pen to turn on the light in the Carriage Dwelling.
Step: 13 Here I used a white Posca pen to draw highlights on everything except the flowers.
Step: 14 Use Violet and Lavender Posca pens to colour the Lavender flowers. On the second- and third-time stamped Lavenders, I used a soft colour pencil. This is to keep those flowers more subtle and in the background.
Step: 15 I coloured the Bria Rose flower with Light Pink and Coral Pink Posca pens. A little touch of a darker coral soft colour pencil on the flower after the posca has dried. Put white Posca pen highlights on the flowers. I also coloured the flowers in Bria Rose’s hair.
Step: 16 I did some white Posca pen dots on the ground and highlighted a few of the blades of grass too. Then I added a little yellow Posca pen to the window of the Carriage Dwelling to give the light some warmth. Finally, we add some white Posca pen splatter.
The final result, mounted with a border.

I hope you enjoyed making this card with me.

If you have any questions just ask and I will answer as soon as I can.

Big hugs from Mona

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