Bria Rose Amongst the Lavender

I am so excited about the new stamps, they have really got my imagination running wild! I have called this card “Bria Rose Amongst the Lavender”. I hope it inspires you to want to give it a go yourselves. I do love seeing what you make from my tutorials. Step by Step I hope you […]

The First Fallen Leaf by Mona Hague

This Autumn picture tutorial is called “The First Fallen Leaf”. I love the colours that come with this season, they are so magical and beautiful. I hope you like it. Step by Step Step 1 Take a sheet of Multifarious card size A5, and using Versafine Clair Pinecone, stamp the Tree of Hope, Tree of […]

A card for a Special Friend by Mona Hague

This tutorial is called ” For A Special Friend “. My daughters had their birthdays recently and I made these cards for them, using some of the lovely new stamps from the Spellbinder collection. I hope you like them. Step by Step Step 1 Using two Multifarious DL cards, first stamp our lovely fairies, Wren […]

Logan the White Hare by Stefanie Moses

Hi, it’s Stefanie Moses here, the guest design team member for May. Lavinian members have asked for a Pictorial using a white hare. I hope you like it. Step-by-Step I do hope you’ve enjoyed this Picture tutorial. Happy Crafting!

Shimmering Steampunk by Katarina Eliasson

A stunning “shimmering steampunk” card created by Katarina, using a selection of the recently launched collection of stamps. The “Clockwork Carnival Collection Mica Mist Sprays Versafine Clair Elements Ink Step-by-Step I do hope you’ve enjoyed this Picture tutorial. Happy Crafting!

Evening Sky by Mona Hague

Step-by-Step I do hope you’ve enjoyed my Picture tutorial, and I’d love to see all your recreations of this make 🧚‍♀️ Happy Crafting!

Dance your life by Uli Delli

Today, former guest member of our design team, Uli Delli, takes us step-by-step through the process of making this lovely card featuring the dancing mice. The Products Used Basil and Bibi Minni and Moo Tilly and Tango Multifarious Card Acrylic Spray Periwinkle Spray Mica Mist Versafine Clair Nocturn Versafine Clair Blue Belle Stencil The Steps […]

Hangin’ Out by Uli Delli

Hello, I’m Uli Delli, and as this month’s guest designer I’d like to share with you this step-by-step tutorial. The theme of this card celebrated the mischievousness of the cute Lavinia mice as they hang out while Bibi sets the rhythm for them. Step by Step I hope you like the technique and give it […]