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Category: Trees

  • Fairy Fir Tree Stamp


    A finely drawn silhouette stamp of a very tall Fir tree.

    This detailed stamp has a tall bare trunk at the base and full curved branches of varying size.

    A perfect tree for a winter wonderland scene with the Christmas Night Stamp or a add selection of woodland creatures like Tilly and Tango, Minni and Moo and Basil and Bibi.

    Stamp size: 3cm x 17cm


  • Sacred Tree Stamp


    A detailed linear stamp of a leafless Tree.

    The detail of this stamp highlights variety of textures on the bark of this magnificent tree.

    Try using Foliage Set 2 Stamps for changing seasons on the tree, or use Mini Leaf Stamps 1, 2 or 5 to build up a leafy canopy.

    Stamp size: 11cm x 9cm


  • Seasonal Tree Stamp


    A detailed linear stamp of a windswept tree.

    Each branch and groove in the bark is visible in this finely drawn tree.

    The Seasonal Tree works well with Mini stamps like Mini maple leaf and Mini leaf 5.

    Stamp size: 11cm x 8cm


  • Christmas Tree Group Stamp


    A silhouette stamp featuring a row of various sized fir trees.

    This stamp is great for Christmas cards, creating depth or building a layered forest background.

    Stamp size: 7.5cm x 5cm


  • Fir Tree 1 Stamp


    A single silhouette stamp of a Fir Tree.

    This stamp is perfect as the foundation of a forest and works well with Fairy Fir Tree 2 and Fairy Fir Tree Small.

    Stamp size: 7cm x 3cm


  • Holly Stamp


    A silhouette stamp of a sprig of holly.

    There are holly berries to be coloured in.

    A versatile stamp that can be used for adding hints of Christmas to a scene, making a border, or stamping in circles to create a wreath.

    Stamp size: 4.5cm x 3cm


  • Tree Root Stamp


    A single stamp featuring an illustration of a gnarled and mystical tree.

    The stamp can be lengthened by stamping the Tree Den stamp to continue the trunk upwards.

    Stamp size: 8.5cm x 8.5cm.


  • Cherry Blossom Stamp


    A silhouette stamp of an oriental cherry blossom branch.

    A delicate tree with open flowers, ideal for adding delicate hints of colour to a Spring treeline.

    Add to designs with the Cherry Blossom tree

    Stamp size: 5.5cm x 9cm


  • Spring Trees Stamp


    A set of three silhouette stamps featuring a line of trees with added foliage stamps for adding light and texture to their branches.

    A great stamp for creating a forest scene with multiple layers of leaves.

    Stamp sizes:

    10cm x 8cm, 1cm x 1cm, 2.5cm x 1cm


  • Oak Tree Stamp


    A silhouette stamp of a majestic old oak tree.

    Perfect for scenic stamping or as a focal point on a card.

    Perfect to stamp with Oak leaf flourish or Oak Leaf.

    Stamp size: 5.5cm x 6cm


  • Wishing Tree Stamp


    A stamp featuring an illustration of a Weeping Willow Tree.

    This elegant tree stamp looks beautiful embossed, decorated with foliage or floral stamps.

    The Foliage set of 4 stamps adds gentle texture to the tree.

    Stamp size: 7cm x 8cm

    LAV 268

  • Weeping Willow Tree Stamp


    A delightful silhouette stamp of a weeping willow tree. A distinctive tree with downward branches.

    This stamp is prefect for any season. In summer add detail with colourful mini leaf or foliage stamps, or in winter leave the branches bare.

    Stamp size: 8.5cm x 6cm


  • Zen Tree Stamp


    A detailed linear stamp of a beautiful, stylised tree.  

    Part of the Zen Range of Stamps, this Zen Tree features a winding vine and circular fallen blossoms.

    Stamp size: 6 cm x 10.5 cm