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The Mice Ran Up The Clock by Jo Rice

Design Team Member: Jo Rice
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Hi everyone, Jo here again. Thanks so much for joining me today where we are going to decorate one of our new MDF Clocks. These are great fun to make, and there are so many ways that you can decorate them.

Today we are going to stamp and ink our design onto Multifarious card stock and add it to our clock face.  Then we will decorate some Greyboard Numbers and Cogs (these are fantastic) and add these to the design.

After a few finishing touches and adding the clock mechanism, our beautiful working timepiece is complete.

I do take my time with each stage of this process, just enjoying my time crafting with you, so you may wish to get your brew ready and make yourselves comfortable.

You can catch up with Jo’s crafting activities on her JR-Crafts Blogspot.


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