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We have a little bit of shrink plastic fun this for this week’s “ Have A Go..” and it’s ideal for gifting to others or maybe even… keeping!!

These little beauties are the Colourful Leafy Hoops and are made using the Leaf Sticker Stencil on shrink plastic.

The best bit is how simple and quick they are to make! You can do these in any colour, but I have chosen Teal, Periwinkle and White.

Spray on some of the acrylic sprays, add a little magic with the Dynamic Stencil and Ta DAaaa! They are little beauties.

I have popped them onto Earring hoops that I found online at Amazon, but you could attach them to any earring finding that you prefer. (They would also work well as a set of Drink Markers in varying colours…just an idea..!)

Here’s the surprise…This week’s video is the first of two parts, so the next video will be a card on the same theme – together they make a lovely gift set. Emma-Jo 🧚‍♀️💙👓


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