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The fox and the fireflies by Birgitta te Boekhorst 

Step by Step Tutorial.

Hello everyone, it’s Birgitta here.

Today I’m sharing with you a tutorial called “The Fox and the Fireflies. I hope you like it. 

Taking an A5 sized piece Multifarious card, start by stamping the Tree Den and Tree Stem stamp and the Druid’s Inn stamp with Versafine Clair Nocturne. I didn’t stamp the entire Druid’s inn stamp.

Make the trees longer by stamping the trunk upside down to join the existing stamp of the Tree Den and Tree Stem. This will make it look like the trees are going off the page. 

Colour the middle part of the picture in between the trees by blending Elements Ink Sundance with a Stencil Brush series 7.

Next colour the outer side of the picture by applying Elements ink Pine with a Stencil Brush series 9.

Now add some depth to the outer part of the picture by blending some Elements ink Olive with a Stencil Brush series 9.

Next make this even darker by blending some Elements ink Graphite. As the colours are darkened outside it provides a great contrast and makes the central focus brighter.

Now using a Fan Brush add some splashes of water to your picture with the most being flicked onto the top.

Paint the trees white with gesso and stamp Rufus the fox on top of the tree stump of the Druid’s Inn.  Add two branches with a white Posca pen. On the bottom of the tree stump, using Versa fine Clair Nocturne, stamp the small stamps that are in the Spring Trees Stamp set. Then stamp the Fern Stamp at the bottom of the trees. At the top of the trees stamp one of the small stamps from the Floral Wreath Stamp set. 

This tutorial also has a fox! Using a white Posca pen add some short stripes to create the direction of the fox’s fur.

Now add some shorter lines over the white of the Posca pen with an orange watercolour pencil. Make sure you still see white from the posca pen. 

Add a few short lines with a terracotta coloured watercolour pencil to the fur of the fox.

Add more depth to the fur by adding more short lines with a dark brown watercolour pencil.

Using a white Posca pen add some stripes on the chest and tail of the fox. Using a black Uni Pin fineliner add the mouth and an eye to the face.

Colour the trees with watercolour pencils and let it dry. Now stamp the little crouching fairy from the Fairy Foragers set (my favourite) on top of the branch with Versafine Clair Nocturne. Colour the wings with a light blue Posca pan and the wires around the trees with a white Posca pen. Where the water splashes landed now add a white dot to them with a white Posca pen. This makes them look like fireflies.



I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for watching. Have fun! Birgitta.


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