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Yvett Jensen is this month’s guest member of our design team

Hi all! My name is Yvett, I was born and raised in Sweden, but I’ve lived in Denmark now for 24 years.

I have been creatively crafting ever since I can remember. But I have always had a passion for drawing, stamping and coloring. But through the years I have also created mixed media, albums, boxes and other projects.   I started just sitting for myself and creating cards and things…then I discovered the many hobby stores, scrapbooking groups and made new “ scrapbooking “ friends. I started dedicating more and more of my spare time with scrapbooking and stamping.   About eight years ago I started teaching and demonstrating in stamping techniques and scene building at workshops. Throughout the years I have held several courses in Denmark and Sweden, which I still do today. I enjoy teaching others about my passion. I discovered Lavinia about seven years ago and immediately fell in Love with their stamps. I adore crafting with them. They’re simply fantastic to work with and beautiful crafted  by Tracey   I look forward to sharing my work with you all!