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You have the key to my heart by Karen Campbell


Step by Step by Karen Campbell 

Hi Lavinians 🧚‍♀️ Hope you enjoy today’s tutorial named “You have the key to my heart” 


Let’s get stuck in!

1. Center the outside of the heart Sticker Stencil over a 7″×7″ piece of multifarious card. With a pencil lightly trace around the heart. Approximately one inch from the top of heart, draw a small keyhole as shown.

2. Stamp the key (small) in Versafine Clair Nocturne so that the first curl just touches the edge of the heart and the key lines up with the keyhole.

3. In Versafine Clair Nocturne, stamp the mouse from Minni and Moo so that the hands touch the key.

4. Stamp the Books from the Wizardry stamp in Versafine Clair Fallen Leaves, (second generation). This will give a softer image that is easier to add colour to.

5. Stamp heart shaped vine from Vine Set in Versafine Clair Shady Lane, first and second generation on upper left corner of heart as shown. Turn stamp in different directions for interest.

6. Stamp the Orchid stamp in Versafine Clair Glamorous, only inking the two end flowers. Stamp in first and second generation.

7. With Versafine Clair Paradise, stamp the flower cluster from Foliage stamp set.

8. Stamp hearts mini in Versafine Clair Chianti, first and second generation. Colour the keyhole with a black Posca pen.

  1. Stamp the mouse from Tilly and Tango set, who has the right arm raised, at the lower left corner in Versafine Clair Nocturne.  Give her a bouquet using cluster from the Foliage Set 2 stamped in Versafine Clair Shady Lane. Place the outer heart mask back over your pencilled heart. Using Elements ink Della Blue and #7 Lavinia stencil brush, lightly ink around edges of heart.

10. Using a Stencil Brush #3 add additional shading around edges of heart with Elements ink Dark Denim. Carefully remove stencil mask.

11. Colour books to compliment the flowers. I used an assortment of Kuretake pens, pastel pencils, markers, glitter pens. Add shading under the mouse on the left and books using leftover colour from shading the heart.

12. Add some glitter. I’ve used pink and blue Posca glitter pens and added Lavinia Holographic glitter (my favourite!). I did trim this to fit a 6×6 card, taking most from the top and left side. 

Hope you all enjoyed this Picture tutorial 💚

Happy Crafting 


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