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Christmas Magic by Lainey Jones

Team Member: Lainey Jones

Hello everyone its Lainey here.

I thought I would share the way I do a magical swirl with you in a step by step picture tutorial.

I hope you enjoy it, it’s perfect for Christmas!


Step by Step

1. Using Versafine Clair Nocturne, stamp the Lavinia Fir Tree onto a piece of DL sized Multifarious Card.
2. Using a Lavinia Moon mask place into the position that you would like your moon. If you would like a smaller moon, you can use a piece of acetate, like I have here. To create a rolling hill template cut a piece of copier paper in a very wavy line to make your mask. If you are not happy cutting you can also use one of the Lavinia Hill Masks for this.
3. Next using Versafine Clair Twilight, ink around the moon and down to the Hill mask.
4. I inked over the sky again using Elements Mermaid ink to create a darker winter sky.
5. Using White Titanium Pan Pastel and a cotton bud, draw a swirl as a guide around the Tree.
6. Gently go over the swirl with the other end of the cotton bud to remove some of the Pan Pastel, blowing away any loose powder.
7. Using a White Signo Pen, start adding your dots starting with the larger dots and some star shaped sparkles.
8. Now add some smaller dots with the Signo pen all along the swirl to the top.
9. Once the dots and sparkles are dry, go over the swirl by adding more pan pastel with the cotton bud.
10. Grounding the Tree. Using a torn piece of paper, a small stencil brush Series 3 and Versafine Clair Twilight ink, brush over the torn paper edge as shown.
11. This is how it will look.
12. Use the same torn paper and small stencil brush, continue to brush Versafine Clair Twilight along the torn paper edges in random places. This will help to create the tufts of snow.
13. Using the white Signo pen add snow to the branches (optional) by drawing small scribble lines. Draw a couple of lines with white Signo pen at the bottom of the tree upwards then smudge to create a dusty snow look.
14. Add a shadow to the tree using either Van Gogh soft pastel or charcoal pencil. Gently shade away from the trunk as shown and smudge.
15. Stamp the hare using Versafine Clair Nocturne. I have used a small hare from the Wild Hare Set. Add a shadow to the hare using either Van Gogh soft pastel or charcoal pencil. Gently shade away from the hare as shown and smudge.
The card is now complete

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them. 

Take Care. Lainey.

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