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Evening Sky by Mona Hauge


Step by Step

1. Using Versafine Clair inks, stamp the Tree Den in Pinecone, and the Topper in Morning Mist. Then put masking on the hat and the tree, I use both masking sheet and liquid masking (not together). Liquid masking is great for smaller areas and finer parts, and the masking sheet is great for bigger objects.
2. Stamp the Oak Leaf Branch and the lovely fairy, Sky, using the Pinecone Versafine Clair.
3. Mask Sky’s Wings, then stamp the Tree Den on the right side, and the Oak Leaf Branch in the Pinecone colour. Do a second time stamping with the Oak Leaf Branch on both the left and right side to create a fuller treetop. Now stamp the amazing Fairy Inn in the background.
4. Use the Hill Masks to create some mountains in the background. I used a brush with just the leftover colour from Distress Inc Black Soot.
5. To create the evening sky, I used several colours, but first put masking on the Inn. Then start with the darkest colour in the corners. I used the Distress Ink, Aged Mahogany.
6. Now blend in the Dried Marigold Distress Ink; Just be sure to leave space for the yellow colour.
7. Splash on some of the Saltwater Taffy Distress ink.
8. Then for some evening glow, I used Pan Pastel Yellow. I keep one brush to only use for the yellow.
9. Stamp two of the Tree Dancing Fairies in the Pinecone Versafine Clair. Then stamp the beautiful new Rose Set in the Morning Mist. Now choose some Cogs from the three new Cogs collections and stamp them in Versafine Clair Twilight. Stamp some around the hat and some for the fairies to play with.
10. Mask the roses and the cogs. Then stamp the Falling Ivy in Shady Lane. Use both first, second and third time stamping to create depth. Put some behind the hat and some next to the hat. The roses need to be covered in leaves to create a rosebush.
11. Continue using the Shady Lane colour to stamp Tree Scene in the background. Also, here you stamp some first time stamping in front with some second and third time stamping to create depth. You can see that I messed up in this picture, I forgot to wipe off the tree trunk and now there is a green line where there should not be anything yet, but I will cover it up later.
12. The new background stamp, Texture 3, is amazing to use as part of the ground. Stamp in the Versafine Morning Mist. I also put a little of the Olive Elements ink just on the ground in front.
13. Now we colour all the wooden things. I use Aquarelle Pencils because they are softer than regular pencils and the colours blend even without water. I use black, deep brown, reddish brown, and ochre.
14. Next, we do all the blue, the Hat, the Inn, the Roses, and the Cogs. Use several different blue colours and then use the white to help the colours to blend.
15. The stones and the roof need some colour. Use from black, dark grey, light grey to white to create depth.
16. Time to create the whole front yard of the Magical Fairy Inn. Use many greens and a little blue. Try to imagine where there would be paths to walk on and keep these spaces lighter. Draw some straws on with the Aquarelle pencils to create some different textures on the ground. Use Elements Olive to gently fill in some more colour.
17. Now it is time to colour the fairies and add detail with Posca pens. First colour the fairies with a brown pencil that is slightly darker than the Versafine Clair Pinecone colour, on the side of their bodies that will be in the shade. Then use the white Aquarelle pencil to draw some lighter areas on the fairies to create the illusion of light shining on them. Also put some of the brown on the bottom halves of the fairies’ wings. Very lightly. Create detail on the leaves with brown and beige Posca Pens, an white Posca on every stone and cog to create highlights, Use the Uniball pen where I feel the Posca Pen is too thick. I do white dots in several places on the ground to create texture and light. I put white on every surface the light hits, even the straws.
18. More Posca fun. This time we do the roses and windows. I like to see some light coming from the windows of the Inn, so just colour them wite. The roses are a bit difficult to explain how to colour, but I use 3 ore 4 different colours and I make sure I don’t cover the stamped lines. This time the roses are blue to match the Inn and the Hat.
19. Posca madness, but only to create some texture and put some more colour on the ground so it is not just green. Put down many dots with all the colours that you have. The yellow is also used in the windows of the inn to give it some warmth. Then it is always fun to use a little glitter.
20. Not long before we are finished, but I decided to add some more stamps. The sky was so empty, and it needed some more flowers with a little colour in front. I found my Ducks stamp and stamped them in Morning Mist, and then added highlights. Finally, I brought out my Bluebells stamp and stamped it in front and behind the cogs. Colour them with Posca Pens in the same colours as the sky. One final touch is to splatter a little white Posca Pen on the picture and now we have a finished card . Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
The final result

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  

I’d love to see all your recreations of this make. 

Happy Crafting! Mona.

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