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Big and Small by Katarina Eliasson

Team Member: Katarina Eliasson


Design Team member Katarina Eliasson has been having great fun with two of the newest Lavinia owls, Ginger and Gus.Follow her steps as she demonstrates masking techniques, and creates this lovely colourful scene using Dinkles, Versafine, Posca Pens and Watercolour Pencils.

Katarina used the brown, sepia, and porcelain Dinkles; and for the Versafine Clair, she chose nocturne, pinecone, shady lane, warm breeze, tulip red and golden meadow.
Her Posca pens of choice were white, red, yellow, brown, and aqua green; and the Watercolour pencils were yellow, light brown, dark brown, olive green, red, orange, pink, green, light blue, and dark blue cardstock. white and dark green.

I would love to see your beautiful samples!

Katarina. Happy Crafting!

  1. Stamp Ginger with Versafine Clair, Nocturne, on  A5 white Multifarious card.

2. Cover Ginger with Masking fluid using a paint brush. Alternatively you can also use a Masking sheet.

3. Now stamp Gus so it looks like he is standing a little behind Ginger. Cover him with Masking fluid. 

4. Stamp the Tree Stems in Versafine Clair Pinecone. First stamp the Tree Stem under Gus. Now stamp the Tree Den under Ginger. Turn the stamp around and stamp from the other side so the stem meet in the middle. 

5. Cover the Tree Stems with Masking Fluid. 

6. Now it’s time to do the background with the gorgeous Dinkles. Sprinkle the Brown, Sepia and Porcelain randomly on the card.

7. Spray with water. Let it air dry or use a heat tool to dry faster. Gently rub off all masking fluid. I use my fingers because I find it easier.

8. Colour Ginger and Gus with Watercolour pencils in blue, yellow, pink, green and red. Orange on the beak.  Use a black fine liner or a black Posca pen to make the eyes and claws really black.

9. Now colour the Tree Stems in dark brown, light brown, yellow and olive green.

10. Stamp a little Bird on Gus head in Versafine Clair Golden Meadow. Colour the Bird in red, yellow and dark blue. I made contours with a black fine liner too.

11. We will need some greenery of course. Stamp Maple Leaf in Versafine Clair Shady Lane. To get some depth, stamp in first and second generation.

12. Stamp two more birds on the tree trunks, one on each side of Ginger and Gus. One bird in Versafine Clair  Warm Breeze and the other in Versafine Clair Tulip Red.

13. Use Posca pens in red, aqua green and white to colour the birds. For the vines on the Tree Stems use brown, yellow and white.

14. To frame the picture use a brush and Versafine Clair  Shady Lane around the edges. 

15. Time to finish the card. Mount it on white and dark green cardstock.

Hope you enjoyed my Picture tutorial and will give it a try.

I would love to see your beautiful samples! 💕